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Duve & Cloudbeds Integration

This article includes the functionality of Duve as available with the Cloudbeds integration

In this article:


Duve is a guest experience platform that allows hosts to engage with their guests in new ways. Using Duve, hosts can collect information, automate coordination, offer additional services, send scheduled messages and optimize reviews. 

Duve is a white-labeled product, allowing hosts to communicate to guests using their own logo and branding.

1. Integration with Cloudbeds

Duve has a two-way integration with Cloudbeds, allowing Duve to both pull information from Cloudbeds and send information back. Duve takes the rental and reservation data from Cloudbeds in order to communicate with guests at the right time. After communicating with guests the information they provide is sent back into Cloudbeds.

1.2 Registration steps

Upon signing up for Duve, users are required to sync their accounts. This can be completed independently by the users, with these simple steps. 

After the two accounts have been synced, all rentals and confirmed reservations will appear in Duve. This includes the reservation details: name, email, reservation price, source, number of pax.


2. Pre-check-in

The pre-check-in allows hosts to collect important information from guests prior to their arrival. Most of the content, as well as the send time of the pre-check-in, can be customized. The pre-check-in wizard includes smart reminders to guests who did not complete the check-in via Email or SMS in order to ensure a high completion rate. 

2.1 Data collection options:

2.2 Pre-check-in services

2.3 Appearance in Cloudbeds

Once the online check-in is completed, the information the guest has submitted will be available both in the Duve dashboard as well as in the Cloudbeds account. In Cloudbeds, the information will appear in the notes section of the reservation. Documents such as passport scans will appear in the account and also sent via email to the host. (see attached image below)

3. GuestApp

After the guests complete the online check-in with Duve, they are redirected to the guest-app. The guest-app is web-based and does not require any downloading. It is available to the guest from the moment they complete the online check-in until they check-out. It is auto-translated to the native language of the guest and includes all the reservation details, a guidebook, and additional services. 

3.1 Guest App Features

  • Dynamic fields & customized data per guests
  • Fully customizable guidebook (photos upload, videos, and links)
  • Advanced setting for creating different content per rental/ rental group
  • Special Access codes release 
  • Customer chat (messaging hours setup)
  • Canned Responses
  • Scheduled messaging
  • Auto-translations

4. Arrival Message

The arrival message is a message timed for arrival,  allowing the users to send a message with important and sensitive information to guests, such as access codes,  special notes and more.

5. Pre-Check-Out

Pre-check-out is a message timed for departure. Ideally sent a day before check-out, the pre-check-out wizard contains check out instructions, check-out coordination (guests select departure hour), and review optimization. 

Upon reviewing the property internally (through Duve) the guests are either encouraged to leave a positive review online or, if the guest’s rating was under 3.9,  they are encouraged to communicate with the host directly in order to prevent negative reviews online. The information the guest provides in the pre-check-out is also sent to Cloudbeds and will appear in the notes section.

6. Upsells

Duve includes an eCommerce platform allowing hosts to sell different services to guests. Services can include breakfast, transportation services, early check-in (based on availability) Food and beverages items and more. When a booking is completed by a guest, the host will receive an email, and if payment was completed this will be aparent in the guests’s cloudbeds account. 

7. Room Upgrade

Duve’s room upgrade feature allows you to offer upgrades to guests before they arrive, based on your live availability, enhancing revenue management and optimizing occupancy.

There are 3 options for managing room upgrades:

1. Instant booking – Allowing guest to book room upgrades without approving each deal in before conformation. The reservation will be instantly updated in Cloudbeds and the additional charges will be updated in the guest folio automatically.

2. Require approval – Manually approve each upgrade deal before guests get a confirmation. The reservation will be updated in Cloudbeds only after the host approves the upgrade, and the additional charges will be updated in the guest folio automatically.

3. Guest bidding (recommended) – Allow guest to place a bid on the upgrade offer while setting a minimum and maximum price. The reservation will be  updated in Cloudbeds only after the host approves the upgrade and the additional charges will be updated in the guest folio automatically.

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